Will DIY Maintenance and Repairs Void Your Yamaha Outboard Warranty?

Will DIY Maintenance and Repairs Void Your Yamaha Outboard Warranty?

Changing your oil and filters is a relatively simple task that can be done in just about any garage. So if it's so easy, why not do it yourself and save some money?

That’s the thought many boat owners have, but they’re worried it might void their warranty. This begs the question: Will doing maintenance yourself void your Yamaha outboard warranty? The simple answer is no, but there’s a difference between maintenance and warranty service work.

You Can Do Your Own Yamaha Outboard Maintenance?

Yes, you can do your own maintenance on your Yamaha outboard engine.

Maintenance can be performed by anyone you authorize, including yourself, and it won't void your engine's warranty. However, if a problem arises from the lack of proper service or maintenance, your warranty will not cover it, so make sure you do it right.

For example, if you don't add enough motor oil after service and your engine seizes up, you will have to cover that service work yourself.

Before performing DIY maintenance on your Yamaha outboard engine, we strongly advise you to access a Yamaha Outboard Service Interval Schedule and read your owner's manual. For many boaters, a professional should perform more in-depth maintenance procedures like checking a timing belt or inspecting valve clearance. Of course, whether to perform a task yourself or have a professional do it depends on your mechanical skill and expertise.

If you decide to do your own maintenance, remember to dispose of oil and engine fluids properly to help protect the environment and to abide by your state and local laws.

Yamaha Warranty Work Is a Different Story

Although you’re more than welcome to do maintenance work on your Yamaha outboard engine yourself, Yamaha warranty work is a completely different story.

Any work covered under your Yamaha limited or extended warranty must be performed by a Yamaha dealer and certified Yamaha outboard mechanic. If you attempt a DIY service for a repair covered under your warranty, then you will void the rest of your warranty.

How Long Are You Covered Under a Yamaha Warranty?

All 4-stroke Yamaha outboard engines used for recreational purposes include a 3-year limited warranty. So, if you bought your boat last year, you still have two years left on the original warranty.

In addition to the manufacturer warranty, Yamaha also offers YES (Yamaha Extended Services) warranty plans that extend your coverage. Like the original manufacturer warranty, an authorized Yamaha dealer must perform all service work covered under the YES warranty.

If you're unsure how much time is left on your warranty, you can always check your Factory Warranty Card, which should have been mailed to you after purchasing your engine. You can see your warranty information on the back, including how much coverage you have left.

If you can’t find your Factory Warranty Card, you can always use the Yamaha Outboard Customer Support line by calling (866) 894-1626. You’ll just need your engine’s Primary Identification Number (PID), so they can track your exact model. You can find your PID on your warranty card or on the side of the engine itself.

The best way to maintain your Yamaha outboard engine is to use Genuine OEM Yamaha parts and products. At Yamaha Online Parts, we have all the OEM products you need to keep your engine running smoothly.

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