Yamaha Outboard Motor Cover

Yamaha Outboard Motor Cover

Without a Yamaha outboard motor cover, your Yamaha cowling will become damaged by the sun, road debris, and other environmental factors when your boat is docked, on a lift, in storage, or on a trailer. Extend the beauty of your Yamaha outboard with a Yamaha boat motor cover from Yamaha Online Parts below.
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Yamaha Marine Motor Cowling Cover Resources and Information

Our store offers a wide variety of Yamaha outboard engine covers designed to fit all Yamaha outboard engine models. Crafted using SurLast solution-dyed polyester, these motor covers for Yamaha outboards are capable of withstanding frequent exposure to tough marine conditions. These non-abrasive, water-resistant covers are also able to resist UV radiation, mold, and mildew.

Browse a complete range of OEM Yamaha outboard parts and cowling covers to help you protect and maintain your Yamaha outboard motor, including Yamaha 2-stroke outboard covers and Yamaha 4-stroke outboard covers.

Yamaha Outboard Engine Covers FAQs

Are Yamaha Outboard Motor Covers Worth the Investment?

We understand that you may have doubts about whether investing in a Yamaha outboard motor cover is really necessary. Some may consider such a cover to be a luxury, but if you ask us, it’s a necessity for any Yamaha outboard owner. For example, if you want your Yamaha outboard's cowling to stay looking new and glossy, then the cover is a must. Additionally, it is an essential part of safeguarding your engine, just like the skin on our bodies protects our internal organs. The cowling serves the same purpose for the engine, offering a barrier against the elements.

Just like our skin is subject to the effects of the sun, environmental contamination, and other wounds, so is the cowling of your boat. In the south, ultraviolet rays are particularly powerful and can significantly damage unprotected boats and outboards over time. Boats and their engines often endure the Florida sun for most of the year, so it’s essential for owners to provide some sort of protection from the blistering heat and UV rays. Northern boat owners may not have the same year-round UV intensity, but any prolonged exposure without some protection will cause accelerated degrading of the outboard motor. Another factor that can damage the cowling is towing trailers. 

As you drive down the highway, your cowling is likely to be hit by pebbles, stones and other objects, which can cause scratches and dents. In more severe cases, it could cause cracks and punctures in the Yamaha cowling. A proper outboard cover ensures that your boat’s motor is protected against this environmental damage and will arrive at its destination in the same shape it left in. 

The elements of the environment, such as sea spray and acid rain, may come into contact with your cowling at some point. While Yamaha outboard covers cannot totally prevent such issues, they do offer a great deal of help.

These covers are constructed using a robust SurLast solution-dyed polyester fabric which offers reliable protection from the marine atmosphere. It is non-abrasive, water-resistant, and able to resist UV rays, mold, and mildew. Additionally, the covers are designed to fit the exact model of your Yamaha outboard engine.

When your Yamaha outboard motor is left exposed to the elements, it is prone to becoming damaged due to the effects of the sun, debris, and other environmental factors. This is why we believe it is wise to consider the risk vs. reward before investing in a protective cover for it while it is docked, on a lift, in storage, or in transit.

Cost of Yamaha outboard motor covers: $35 to $152, depending on engine size

Cost of a new Yamaha top cowling assembly: $300 to $1,900

Cost of refurbishing and repainting a Yamaha cowling: $350 to $750

Cost of Yamalube Marine Spray Paint: About $21 to $45, depending on engine size

Cost of Yamaha OEM replacement decals: $62 to $130

Cost of your time: Add your own dollar amount here.

We think that investing in a cover for your Yamaha outboard motor is a worthwhile expense, but the decision is ultimately up to you. To ensure your Yamaha is properly maintained, it's important to use genuine Yamaha outboard parts and products. Yamaha Online Parts is here to help you with this.

How do I protect my Yamaha outboard motor?

Dirt, oil accumulation, salt accumulation, oxidation, and corrosion all necessitate regular cleaning and caring of your Yamaha outboard. Doing regular maintenance will keep your Yamaha operating dependably and at its optimal capacity for leisurely trips and adventures with your family and friends. By providing some tender loving care, you can restore lost engine power, maximize performance, prevent damage from corrosion, and guarantee a lengthy and prosperous life for your Yamaha outboard. The best way to ensure the durability and longevity of your Yamaha outboard motor is with proactive maintenance.

Marine environments are some of the most challenging on Earth, which is why it's essential to safeguard your Yamaha outboard. To ensure the best protection against rust and corrosion, we highly recommend Yamashield Rust & Corrosion Protectant. It is an amalgamation of lubricants, waxes, and solvents that is an upgrade to the T-9 formula developed by Boeing Aviation. This means it can clean, grease, and keep your Yamaha outboard secure.

The Yamashield formula is a great way to fight off corrosion, and it effectively sticks to metal for a considerable period of time, providing lubrication. It is a comprehensive product that can be employed on all components of an engine, such as electric wires, pulleys, and electronics. This product can also be used on painted surfaces, plastic, rubber, fiberglass, and vinyl.

Yamalube Marine Grease is tailored for the marine environment and is highly resistant to water, which is significant in protecting Yamaha outboard engines. It offers excellent lubrication and clings to all friction points even with vibrations, thus enabling the motor's moving parts to function smoothly. Additionally, we suggest using this grease on the propeller shafts.

Yamalube's Ring Free Plus is specifically designed to counteract the accumulation of deposits in fuel injectors, carburetors, intake valves, intake ports, and combustion chambers. These deposits may be caused by inferior quality gasoline or simply regular engine operation. If untreated, these deposits can lead to engine knocking, loss of power, stalling, a decrease in the life of spark plugs, and the sticking of piston rings.

Yamalube Fuel Stabilizer and Conditioner Plus is specially created to protect fuel systems from ethanol fuel's damaging consequences, which include corroding metals and causing gum and varnish because of fuel oxidation. This product also avoids phase separation, which is frequently seen with ethanol fuel. If you want to know more about the issues of ethanol gas in your fuel system, take a look at PartsVu's Knowledge Center. Moreover, it absorbs water in fuel line systems and expands the life of spark plugs.

Generally, for every three gallons of gasoline, one ounce of this item should be used. Additionally, we advise using it before putting your boat away for the wintertime since it serves to avoid carburetor freezing and gas line freezing. When storing your boat for a period of more than two months, put in one ounce of the product for each gallon of fuel. This will keep the fuel fresh for up to 12 months, therefore you won't need to drain it for storage.

How do I take care of my Yamaha outboard engine’s exterior?

Yamalube's spray polish and instant detailer is a product that can be used to quickly bring back a gleaming shine to paint, chrome, glass, and smooth plastics like face shields, engine covers, windshields, and dials. It also provides textured plastics, rubber, and vinyl a slick satin finish. It has anti-static properties that ward off dust and dirt to maintain a brilliant look for a prolonged period of time.

Yamalube External Engine Cleaner is an effective degreaser and cleaner for engines that removes grease, mud, and dirt. It is safe to use on the majority of rubber, plastic, and painted metal surfaces.

How do I customize my Yamaha outboard engine cowling?

Is the exterior of your Yamaha outboard motor in need of some refreshing, or do you simply want to give your boat a unique character?

Yamaha Online Parts has just started stocking Yamaha Custom Cowling Graphics in eight distinct colors for F225, F250, and F300 4.2L V6 outboard motors.

Additionally, we offer Yamalube Marine Spray Paint. These spray paint products have a robust enamel covering in colors that precisely match your original color. They provide superior protection from the environment. Everything required to restore or personalize your cowling cover is available.

Yamalube's marine spray paints offer excellent quality and match the factory colors. This strong enamel coating is designed to withstand the difficult conditions of the marine environment. Nevertheless, it is essential to thoroughly prepare the surface before painting, as the hue of the paint may become lighter over time if the outboard motor is exposed to the elements for an extended period. In this case, you may have to paint a bigger area to make sure the colors blend together.