Yamaha Outboard Gear Lube Kit

Yamaha Outboard Gear Lube Kit

These Yamaha outboard gear kits have been carefully assembled with all the lubricants and components to keep your Yamaha outboard gearcases running smoothly. Kits include gear lube oil, gaskets, pumps, and much more, all picked to match the demands as indicated by specific Yamaha outboard engine models.
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    Yamaha Outboard Gear Lube Kit

    YamahaOnlineParts.com provides a wide array of Yamaha Yamalube gear lube kits specifically designed for outboard engine gearcase components. Yamaha gear lube is made to keep these components lubricated in any marine environment, even at high speeds. It is advisable to select from the certified Yamaha gear lubes instead of going with any brand when picking the right gear lube for the Yamaha lower unit.

    To assist you with any Yamaha outboard maintenance jobs, we present the following resources that are of assistance:

    We stock a complete range of OEM Parts and Accessories and kits to help you service your Yamaha outboard motor.

    Yamaha Yamalube Gear Lube Kits FAQ

    How do I increase the lifespan of my Yamaha outboard motor?

    Right from the time you submerge your Yamaha outboard in the water, the lower unit of your Yamaha outboard will begin to deteriorate. If the engine is employed extensively, is left to corrode, not kept in the correct way and not maintained suitably, the life expectancy of your Yamaha outboard motor will be drastically reduced.

    Yamaha manufactures a wide selection of outboard motors that are capable of providing years of reliable operation. Nevertheless, if you want to get the most out of the motor and extend its useful life, regular maintenance is essential.

    Failing to replace the oil in the lower unit of a marine engine on a regular basis with Yamalube gear lube can lead to it seizing up, resulting in expensive fixes and diminished performance. Therefore, it is a shrewd move to have a Yamaha Yamalube marine gear lube kit to hand, which is a cost-effective way of ensuring its ongoing efficacy.

    What is the benefit of DIY marine outboard repairs?

    Having the right components and supplies at your disposal can be beneficial in terms of both time and cost savings. Fortunately, Yamaha Online Parts offers complete Yamaha gear lube kits, so you have all the necessary parts for a Yamaha gear lubricant change.

    If you decide to maintain your Yamaha lower unit personally, you can easily switch out the oil, exchange out the standard components, and oil up your Yamaha outboard motor in a few hours. This not only spares you the time, but also the money you would normally have to pay for a mechanic to do the job.

    How do I know when it’s time to change my Yamaha gear lube?

    Lubricants such as oil and grease are absolutely essential for the smooth operation of your outboard motor. Keeping a close watch on the service intervals of your Yamaha gear lube can give you an indication of when it is time to change the lubricant. Additionally, if you notice the oil to be murky, smoky, or darker than usual, it is time for a change.

    People frequently ask us if they can use standard gear oil in the lower unit of their motor. The response is negative. Lower unit oil contains emulsifiers, which are ingredients that help absorb liquid and maintain engine performance for a longer period of time. Because the lower unit typically operates in water, the emulsifiers ensure the optimal life span and operation of your Yamaha outboard motor.

    How long is the service interval for Yamaha outboard engines?

    Yamaha marine engines need to be looked after regularly in order to remain dependable while out in the sea and stop them from failing. Newly-purchased motors need to be serviced after 20 hours of use, then every 100 hours afterward. It is recommended to have a more thorough maintenance after 300 and 500 hours.

    Why get a Yamaha Yamalube gear lube kit?

    Instead of spending a lot of time visiting a marine store to get the items you need, our Yamaha gear lube kits give you the tools to quickly and easily maintain your gear lube. This means you can get back out on the water faster.

    Yamaha Yamalube marine gear lube packages come with varying contents, which depend on the Yamaha engine type you have.

    • Yamalube Yamalube gear lube
    • Yamaha gear lube pump
    • Yamaha outboard lower unit drain gaskets

    How do I service my Yamaha outboard lower unit?

    Greasing the lower unit of a Yamaha motor is done by eliminating the lower drain plug first and then the top plug vent to allow air circulation. Most designs have the plugs noticeably located on the bottom unit, yet for those with low water pickups, the forward pickup will have to be taken out to get to the drain plug.

    If you have to, utilize a proper sized screwdriver with the help of a wrench to unfasten the screws which should be quite tight. Depending on who serviced your engine previously, an impact driver and a hammer might be needed. The drain screw has a magnetic tip, so check out the plug when it is taken out to see if there are any significant deposits. Some little shavings are normal, but chunks or a large amount of metal could mean a further examination is needed. Have a drain pan and extra cloths nearby since the gear lube will start to drip down the skeg as soon as the upper vent plug is detached. Make sure to collect the fiber gaskets from both plugs when they are taken off, since these are not reusable and must be disposed of.

    Why keep my Yamaha outboard lower unit gears lubricated?

    The gears within the Yamaha lower unit are constantly turning, and all they have is the lower unit lubricant you use to protect them. Its task is to make a very thin layer between the metal parts so that they never actually come into contact. Due to the high loads these gears bear, the lubricant needs to be able to handle pressure, foam, and shear. Since the lower unit is underwater, the lubricant also needs to remain able to lubricate properly even if some water leaks in. Normal gear lubricant cannot manage all these things; so it is best to not use automotive or tractor gear oils. It is recommended to use a quality marine formula like Yamalube Marine Gearcase Lube. This lubricant is capable of taking care of the required protections and lubrication, even with 10% water present. Additionally, there's a HD formula specifically designed to meet the special needs of Yamaha's top-of-the-line V MAX SHO, 4.2L V6 Offshore, and 5.3L F350 V8 outboard lower units.

    How do I change my Yamaha lower unit gear lubrication?

    According to Yamaha, the lubricant of a new outboard should be replaced after the first 20 hours, and then every 100 hours after that. Additionally, if the lubricant smells burnt or appears milky, it is time to switch it up. If you want to do the work yourself, you have to get a pan and put it underneath the bottom drain screw. Unscrew the bottom drain and the upper vent screw on the side of the lower unit. Let all the lubricant flow into the pan. At this time, you should also check the drain screw and replace the small crush washer (often referred to as "drain plug gaskets") that is present on each screw. If it is not visible, try using a pick to get it off the outboard, as these washers must be removed and replaced each time the screws are taken out.

    After the old lubricant has been completely drained, thread the necessary fitting into the lower unit drain screw opening on the bottom of the bullet and gently put in the new Yamalube Marine Gearcase Lube or Lubricant HD. When you notice the fluid coming out of the upper vent screw hole, wait for 5 minutes and then continue to pump in the lubricant until it again seeps out of the vent screw. Once this happens, take out the vent screw and fit in a new crush washer and screw it in as per the manufacturer's directions. Detach the fitting from the drain screw opening and immediately reinstall the drain screw with a new crush washer. Secure it according to the manufacturer's guidelines.