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Shop our complete selection of Yamaha OEM outboard hard parts, including crankshafts, bearings, pistons, rings, cams, lifters, pushrods, intake assemblies, valves, and other valve-train components.
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    Yamaha Hard Parts

    YamahaOnlineParts.com has an extensive range of authorized Yamaha OEM parts and accessories for sale, such as crankshafts, bearings, pistons, rings, cams, lifters, pushrods, intake assemblies, valves, and other valve-train components. If you are uncertain of which part is suitable for your outboard, you can read our blog posts or consult the helpful Yamaha outboard engine schematics.

    Yamaha Outboard Replacement Hard Parts FAQs

    How do I select the right Yamaha outboard part for my Yamaha outboard engine?

    If you are searching for more precise details, YamahaOnlineParts.com provides Yamaha Outboard Motor Diagrams. When you get there, you can find the correct components for your Yamaha either by inputting the Primary Identification Number (PID) which is located at the top of the page or by using a series of dropdown menus on the left side of the page.

    How do I use Yamaha outboard schematics?

    Picking Yamaha original parts (OEM) is usually more beneficial than choosing after-market items. For instance, if you install a faulty outboard component and it causes major engine issues, then you may invalidate the warranty and end up paying more for repairs in the long run. Our extensive list of Yamaha-compatible parts provides a variety of solutions for those older Yamaha outboard models that are no longer supported by Yamaha.

    How do I know if my Yamaha outboard head gasket needs to be repaired?

    Yamaha outboard head gaskets, like other outboard components, deteriorate with use over time. Prolonged exposure to intense heat, salty water, and other materials will reduce their durability. If the head gasket is not changed when it starts to weaken, water will begin to enter the engine, which will have a drastic effect on the outboard's performance and eventually lead to serious engine damage.

    To avoid this, there are several telltale signs to look out for when it’s time to replace your Yamaha outboard head gasket:

    1. Reaching the 4-Year Mark
    2. Low Pressure in the Yamaha outboard Cylinders
    3. Water Coming Out of a Spark Plug Hole
    4. Black Specks, Crud, and Slime in the Cylinder
    5. Idle Runs Too Slow or Rough
    6. Holes In the Head Gasket

    What are common Yamaha F115 4-stroke outboard problems?

    The Yamaha F115 is a much-praised 4-stroke outboard motor that is renowned for its stability, longevity, and effectiveness. Nevertheless, since it is an outboard motor, over time and with frequent use, it will start to show signs of wear and tear. Thus, it is essential to be attentive to regular maintenance and servicing to ensure that the engine stays in working condition and out of the repair shop.

    The following are 5 of the most common Yamaha F115 4-stroke outboard problems:

    • Faulty Head Gasket - Over time, the head gasket of your Yamaha F115 is regularly exposed to a number of elements that reduce its integrity, such as salt water, heat, fuel, and other substances. Once a head gasket fails, water and other contaminants will enter your engine. When it comes to Yamaha 115 4 stroke problems, replacing the head gasket should be a priority every 4 years of service, or sooner if usage exceeds the average boater (50 hours per season, or 200 hours for 4 years).
    • Bad Fuel Pump - Yamaha 115 4-stroke outboards often suffer from a malfunctioning fuel pump, which renders the engine completely inoperative until the issue is addressed. Thankfully, replacing or repairing a bad fuel pump is a straightforward and affordable process compared to many other motor repairs.
    • Clogged Fuel Injectors - Over the course of time, the accumulation of carbon can obstruct fuel injectors, making it difficult for the fuel to be evenly dispersed. If the fuel injector becomes blocked with carbon, your outboard engine may start to misfire, vibrate unusually, and struggle when at idle or when the throttle is engaged. Cleaning the fuel injectors of your outboard engine with fuel injector cleaner stops the clogging and enables the Yamaha outboard motor to run at its peak.
    • Clogged VST Filter - To avoid blockage, it is necessary to regularly switch out your Yamaha 115 4-stroke's VST filter. There are numerous kits available to help maintain and substitute the VST filter. If you neglect to do this service on a regular basis, you could be looking at a more taxing and costly repair on your Yamaha outboard motor.
    • Trim and Tilt Problems - Issues with the trim and tilt switch on a Yamaha F115 outboard motor can hinder your ability to make both minor and major alterations to the boat's performance. Fortunately, the problem can be solved by replacing the switch.

    Will doing my own maintenance void my Yamaha outboard engine warranty?

    Is it possible to invalidate my Yamaha outboard warranty by doing my own maintenance? The answer is no. Your Yamaha warranty will remain intact even if you take care of your own maintenance. Nonetheless, it is important to differentiate between carrying out maintenance and having warranty service work performed.

    You can take care of the maintenance yourself or allow someone else to do it for you. If there is a problem due to not performing the necessary Yamaha maintenance or service, your warranty will not cover it.

    It is highly recommended that you look into your owner's manual or online maintenance timetables to plan the necessary maintenance. Although, some tasks are only to be done by a certified Yamaha dealership, like examining valve gaps and inspecting a timing belt.

    If you take care of your engine maintenance yourself, make sure to follow proper disposal protocols when it comes to oil and engine fluids. If you need assistance in locating the correct Yamaha outboard parts or maintenance kit for your engine, take a look at our Yamaha Outboard Parts Library for guidance.

    You can choose to do the maintenance work yourself or hire someone else to do it, but when it comes to servicing items that are covered by your Yamaha limited or extended warranty, only a Yamaha dealer is allowed to perform the job.

    Yamaha outboard motors that are used for recreational purposes are provided with a three-year warranty. Additionally, Yamaha offers extended protection through the Y.E.S. extension plan. Repairs for both the limited and extended warranty must be completed by an authorized Yamaha dealer.

    When you bought your Yamaha engine, the dealer should have given you a Factory Warranty Card and completed the warranty details in the manual. If you ever want to determine the remaining warranty period, you can call their customer support line at (866) 894-1626. They will ask for your Primary Identification Number (PID), which can be located on the port side of the motor.

    Additionally, your PID number is all you need if you have a problem covered by your warranty.