Yamaha Fuel/Water Separating Filters & Wrenches

Regularly changing the fuel/water separating filter in your Yamaha outboard keeps your fuel system healthy and your Yamaha outboard in optimal operating condition. Fuel/water separating filter wrenches are specially designed to remove Yamaha fuel/water separating filters and make servicing your Yamaha outboard engine a snap.
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    Yamaha fuel-water separating filters are designed to keep your Yamaha outboard engine free from fuel contamination. Yamaha fuel-water separating filters feature 10-micron filtration, which is recommended for all two-stroke and four-stroke EFI outboards, two-stroke HPDI's and carbureted engines Yamaha fuel-water separating filters meet or exceed all USCG and ABYC requirements for marine applications. Shop from our selection of Yamaha 10-micron fuel-water separating filters, Yamaha Mini 10-Micron Fuel Separating filters, Yamaha Fuel-Water Separating Filter multipacks for added savings and Yamaha Fuel-Water Separating Filter Assembly Kits.