Yamaha Outboard Rigging

Yamaha Outboard Rigging

Yamaha Online Parts provides a comprehensive assortment of Yamaha Rigging, Steering, Gauges, and Throttle Controls. Owners of high-horsepower Yamaha engines appreciate the precision and effortless calibration offered by Yamaha's LCD gauges. The Yamaha Command Link and Yamaha Command Link Plus rigging system establish an advanced network of information, ensuring you stay well-informed about your engine's performance.
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Yamaha Outboard Rigging Components

If the time has come to install a Yamaha outboard motor on your boat, there are some important factors to be aware of. If you're new to the marine industry, another term for this you'll often hear for this is "˜rigging' and outboard. First and foremost, it's imperative that you use the correct components for this process. Fortunately, you've come to the right place.

Yamaha Outboard Cables

There are a couple of key components you'll want to look for before you start, including Yamaha outboard control cables, Yamaha outboard steering cables, and Yamaha outboard wiring harnesses. The process of routing the wires and outboard control cables can be a challenging task, to say the least. This is why many manufacturers install the wiring harness and cables when the boat is initially assembled, which is known as pre-rigging. Therefore, replacing your Yamaha outboard control cables might not be easy, but it's not impossible. Your best bet is to ensure you're using the components that are recommended in your owner's manual.

The same concept applies to your Yamaha outboard steering cables. To put it simply, your installation process is going to be a lot easier when you use the same steering cables that were originally installed. However, if your craft is particularly old, it might be time to consider upgrading the steering system entirely. If that's the case, you'll upgrade the steering cables, too.

Another key Yamaha outboard rigging component is the wiring harness. There are two types of harnesses to keep in mind when it comes to rigging. First is the main wiring harness that connects the outboard to the remote control box and ignition switch Second is an instrument harness that sends information from the sensors on the outboard and in the boat to the gauges in the dashboard.