Yamaha Outboard Controls

Are Your Yamaha Controls in Control?

Yamaha Outboard Controls

Yamaha Control Boxes contain a variety of instruments such as switches, knobs, sliders, and buttons. Control boxes are used to manipulate various components on your boat to adjust things like trim, tilt, and running speed.

Yamaha Control Boxes

The 704 Premium Control Boxes boast a sleek, rounded look that’s more than just aesthetically pleasing. This Yamaha remote control provides you with effortless, one-handed operation of the throttle and shift of your outboard. The intuitive design consists of a thumb-operated engine trim/tilt switch on the handle. The Triple Binnacle Control Box is another great option for one-hand operation and it also offers improved maneuverability. As an added bonus, this Yamaha control box has a built-in water-drain tube for superior reliability and long-lasting durability.

Let’s not forget about the drive-by-wire binnacles that can meet various needs. They’re perfect for single, twin, triple, and even quad engine control with one-handed operation of both throttle and shift functions. You can choose whether you’d prefer a bottom-mount or side-mount design for the single binnacle for your Yamaha outboard throttle control. You’ll enjoy effortless throttle and shift functions, ultra-sleek chrome handles, and a convenient built-in redundancy system.